Laws related to CHT &       Indigenous Peoples

CHT Regulation 1900

CHT Regional Council Act 1998

Hill District Council Act 1989

MoCHTA's Charter of Duties

CHT Land Dispute Settlement Act 2001

CHT Development Board Ordinance 1976

CHT Land Acquisition Regulation 1958

Bazaar Fund Bidhimala 1937

CHT Frontier Police Regulation 1881

CHT Loans Regulation 1938

CHT Accord & Its Implementation

CHT Accord 1997 Implementation :

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About BARC

A resource centre for indigenous peoples naming ‘Bangladesh Adivasi Resource Centre’ (BARC) was set up by Kapaeeng Foundation in order to promote and protect the human rights of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh in 2009 in Dhaka. It is managed by Executive Committee of Kapaeeng Foundation. It has following resources and opportunities -

    1. a secretariat for Kapaeeng Foundation as liaison office for networking among indigenous peoples’ organizations and with national & international human rights organizations
    2. a library with resourceful book, documentary films,  journals, daily newspapers etc related to indigenous peoples, development, ethnography, culture, ethnics, languages, human rights, women rights, history, statistics in particular and human rights and development in general
    3. an internet facility centre to building network among indigenous peoples organizations and with human rights organizations at local, national and international level and also to conducting internet campaign for the cause of indigenous peoples.

The activities and functions of the BARC are continuing in order to monitor and document human rights situation of indigenous peoples regularly and conduct study and research on indigenous peoples’ issues. It facilitates coordination among the indigenous peoples’ organisations and mainstream population for promotion and protection of human rights of indigenous peoples.

The resource centre became a source of information for all kinds of research work related to indigenous life and livelihood. It also became a central point for effective networking among the indigenous people’s organizations and other organisations working for the cause of indigenous peoples. At present it has a good collection of book, journal, report etc. related to indigenous peoples issues. Many organizations, institutions and individuals extended their helping hands for making this center resourceful by providing their publications and information.

Indigenous Peoples Profiles

Asam,         Bagdi,        Banai,       
Bawm,        Bedia,         Chak,
Chakma,     Dalu,          Hajong,
Garo,          Ghorkha,    Gonda,
Kharia,        Khasi,        Khumi,
Khyang       Khond,       Khotrio,  
Koch,          Kol,          Kormokar,
Lushai,        Mahali,       Mahato,
Malo,          Marma,       Monipuri,
Mro,            Munda,       Muriar,    Musohor,     Oraon,       Pahan,     
Paharia,        Patro,          Rai,
Rajbongsi,    Pankhua,     Rakhain, Rajuar,          Santal,        Singh,     
Tanchangya, Tripura,      Turi

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